Monday, 2/29/16

6th 8:30 Group 1: Test corrections and signature
6th 9:15 Group 2: 1) Test corrections and signature 2)
7th grade: p.354 Q1-37 odd (25min)
Zero period: Point Slope Worksheet
8th grade: Test Corrections and signature

Wednesday, 2/24/16

6th 8:30 Group 1:, then mathletics
6th 9:15 Group 2: Ratio paint problem (20min)
7th grade: Finish Practice Test
Zero period: Stained Glass Equations Project
8th grade: Practice Test Answers

Monday, 2/22/16

6th grade: Percent Practice Test 1 Answers
7th grade: p.331 Q27-53 odd
Zero period: p.412 Q1-37 odd
8th grade: p.424 Q9-27 odd

6th grade: Ratios and Percent Test: Tomorrow, Tuesday
7th grade: Ch.6 Test, FRIDAY Feb. 26
8th grade: Ch.7 Test, THURSDAY Feb. 25