Monday, 11/13/17

6th grade: 1)  2) Vedic Squares Investigation (20 min)
7th grade: One Cut Folds Geometry – 5 different attempts
Zero: Test Corrections
8th grade: Study for tomorrow’s test

8th grade – Tue. 11/14 Ch.3 Test
6th grade – Thu. 11/16 Ch.2 Test

Thursday, 11/9/17

6th grade:
7th grade: no homework
Zero: Hangman inequalities worksheet
8th grade: Ch.3 Practice Test

8th grade – Tue. 11/14 Ch.3 Test

Monday, 11/6/17

6th grade: 1) 2) Make 12 notecards with the rules for multiplying/dividing powers of 10 (bring home notebook)
7th grade: Written reflection on Pascal’s triangle patterns
Zero: 1) Finish Big Ideas Online Practice Test (don’t forget to SUBMIT)  2) If time, written reflection on patterns in Pascal’s triangle
8th grade: p.123 Q1-37 odd

Zero – Tue 11/7 Ch.3 Test
6th grade – Thu 11/9 Powers of 10 Quiz