7th Grade Carnival

I am so excited to see your creativity with this project! The Kindergarten and 2nd grade students will LOVE playing these games!

While most of the work will be completed in class please start thinking about any stickers/old toys we can use for prizes and what your game will be made out of.


Sample Proposal              Sample Report

SEE THE PHOTOS on the 7th Grade Carnival Page!    https://grade6b.st-johnschool.org/7th-grade-probability-carnival/ ‎

Friday, 5/20/16

6th grade: No homework
7th grade: Start looking for prizes/parts of your probability game
Zero period: Probability Project
8th grade: Study for Monday’s PreAlgebra Test

Thursday, 5/19/16

6th grade: Study for tomorrow’s Computation Test
7th grade: Study for Computation Test
Zero period: Practice Computation Test
8th grade: Study for tomorrow’s computation test

Wednesday, 5/18/16

6th grade: Study for Computation Test this week
7th grade: Study for Computation Test (June 1st)
Zero period: p.675 Q1-19 odd
8th grade: Study for Final PreAlgebra Test

Monday, 5/16/16

6th grade: p.438 Q9-17 odd
7th grade: p.470 Q1-13 odd
Zero period: Create Pizza Tree Diagram
8th grade: System of Equations word problems
Notecards due: WEDNESDAY

Friday, 5/13/16

6th grade: Practice for Computation Test (Fri. May 20)
7th grade: No homework
Zero period: p.   Q1-18 all (40 min)
8th grade: Finish Pre-Algebra Practice 1 Test

Thursday, 5/12/16

6th grade: p.473 Q12 only
7th grade: Worksheet 15.2 Q7-21 odd
Zero period: Cylinder Worksheet
8th grade: Pythagorean Theorem and Inequalities worksheets

Wednesday, 5/11/16

6th 8:30 Group 1: p.423 Q11-17odd
6th 9:15 Group 2: p.423 Q13-17odd
7th grade: Worksheet 1-25 odd
Zero period: p.544 Q4-12 all
8th grade: no homework

Tuesday, 5/10/16

6th 8:30 Group 1: no homework
6th 9:15 Group 2: xtramath.org
7th grade: Test corrections and signature
Zero period: Waterpark project   Due: Wednesday
8th grade: Make notecards, finish class work