Accelerated Math FAQ

Here are some frequently answered questions about the St. John Accelerated Math Program.

What is Zero Period?
St. John School offers an accelerated Math Program for 7th and 8th grade students.  It is a two year program.  In 7th grade students are taught 7th and 8th grade Common Core Math Standards.  In 8th grade students study Algebra 1 and Geometry.

Is this the same as ‘Zero Period’?
NEW: The accelerated class is now during the school day! Formerly, this class was taught before school so it became known as ‘Zero Period’!

Who teaches Zero Period?
Currently Mrs. Brumback teaches the 7th grade class and Mr. Tice teaches the 8th grade.

How are students placed into the Accelerated Program versus the Standard Class?*
The placement of individual students has been carefully considered using the following criteria as guidance:

  • Math grades throughout 6th grade
  • Work ethic and teacher observations throughout 6th grade
  • RIT Score
  • AIMSWeb Math Capacity Timed Test score
  • AIMSWeb Computation Timed Test score
  • I.T.B.S. Algebra Readiness Test score

*During COVID-19 the criteria is as follows:

  • Fall 2019 M.A.P. Score  
  • Summative assessments throughout Trimesters 1 and 2  
  • Work ethic during classes in school 
  • Participation in all subjects during the Distance Learning Plan
  • Independence and study skills during the Distance Learning Plan 

My child is an ‘A grade’ student, why did he not get a place in the Accelerated Program?
The placement of all students has been carefully considered.  The Accelerated Program is for students ready to work a year or more above grade level.  If a student earns A’s in 6th grade it shows mastery of the 6th grade Common Core Standards and that they are ready for the 7th grade Common Core Standards. The majority of students will be engaged and challenged by the 7th grade standards taught in the regular class.

My child has been placed in the Accelerated Program, what do I need to know?
This class will take place during the school day. The Accelerated Program students have a study hall while I teach the standard program; the Standard  Program students have a study hall when I teach the accelerated class. Study Hall will be in my room.

What are the rules of study hall?
Study hall is a privilege.  Students should be prepared to work during this time and should always have a book to read after completing their math homework. NO electronic devices are allowed.

What math classes do students take in high school?
Students progress at different rates and each high school determines classes for Freshman differently. In general, students in Zero Period enter Honors Algebra, Geometry or Honors Geometry.  Students in the standard class typically enter Algebra, Honors Algebra or Geometry.