7th Grade Math

What Do 7th Graders Learn In Math?
Common Core Standards
Textbook and Resources

This year students continue learning key math skills.  Please email me straight away if you have concerns, or questions, regarding the program or your child’s progress. (You can email me too if your child tells you something great about math!)  I am always happy to meet with families in person, or if your child has a math question please encourage him/her to talk to me in class or after school on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

What Do 7th Graders Learn In Math This Year?

This year 7th graders learn many skills that they will use throughout high school and beyond! We will focus on the 7th grade Common Core standards, including:

  • Ratios and Proportional Relationships – proportions
  • The Number System – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers (whole numbers, decimals and fractions, positive and negative)
  • Expressions and Equations – multi-step equations
  • Geometry – scale, circles, area, volume, surface area of 2D and 3D objects
  • Statistics and Probability – theoretical and experimental probability
  • Problem Solving

Common Core Math Standards

To be successful in class, students need to bring the following every day:

PencilRed PenDry Erase MarkerRuler
Composition BookTextbookHomework Planner

Big Ideas Math Textbook and Resources
We use the Big Ideas RED (2014) textbook.  ISBN-13: 978-1-60840-450-6
In addition each student has an online account, including an online version of the textbook which can be downloaded. Students have their individual username and password written in their homework planner.
Individual Online Account (need your username and password)
Online textbook (no password required)
Homework Help Videos   Select ‘Middle School Common Core 2017’,  click the Red Book, then choose the lesson you want to learn about)

Students should expect 25-30 minutes of homework per night in Math.  If your child does not finish please initial and tell him/her to move onto the next subject.
Homework answers are generally in the back of the textbook so students can check answers if uncertain they are doing the work correctly.

If a student is unclear about how to complete a problem (or was absent from class) they can watch the Homework Help Videos   Select ‘Middle School Common Core 2017’,  click the Red Book, then choose the lesson you want to learn about)