Welcome Back, 7th and 8th Grade!

I hope you are all rested and ready to start a new school year! This year I will be teaching 7th Grade Standard Math, 7th Grade Zero Period Math, and 8th Grade Standard Math.

Remote Learning
Until it is safe to return on campus for classes, Middle School will be learning online. You will log into Microsoft Teams for all classes (I recommend you download the Teams app to your computer). ¬†Please see your schedule (given to you at the Meet N’ Greet) for when your Math class is.

Please find an app (such as Adobe Scan) to scan your handwritten math work
(iPhones – you already have one! Go into Notes, click the camera icon, choose scan documents)

You will need:
A whiteboard and expo marker (you can use white paper in a sheet protector or the front of a 3 ring binder)
Composition Notebook
Big Ideas Textbook
Scientific Calculator