Wednesday, 12/13/17

6th grade: Start Christmas Powerpoint
7th grade: p.128 Q1-31 odd
Zero: Practice Test
8th grade: Finish Matching Cut and Paste

6th grade – Test on MON 12/18

Friday, 12/8/17

Zero: Practice 6.5 Sheet
6th grade: optional – starting preparing for THURSDAY’s Ch.3 Test (see p.143 in Textbook)
7th grade: no homework
8th grade: no homework

Thursday, 12/7/17

Happy Hour of Code Day!

6th grade: (25-60 min!)
7th grade: study for tomorrow’s retake OR
Zero: Finish ornaments  then
8th grade:

Monday, 12/4/17

6th grade: Finish ‘Make an Organized List’ Sheet
7th grade: Studying for Ch.3 Retake
Zero: Finish Parallel and Perpendicular Sheet
8th grade: Finish Parallel and Perpendicular Sheet