Wednesday, 11/30/16

6th grade: p.170 Q1-27 odd
7th grade: no homework (but all test corrections and signatures are due by Friday)
Zero period: p.286 Q1-31 odd
8th grade: p.339 Q20-30 EVEN

Monday, 11/28/16

6th grade: 1) 2) p.156 Q1-25 odd
7th grade: p.167 Q1-43 odd (30min)
Zero period: p.274 Q1-29 odd
8th grade: 1) Test corrections and signature 2) p.333 Q7-37odd

Wednesday, 11/16/16

6th grade:
7th grade: Finish assignment
Zero period: Ch.6 Practice Test
8th grade: no homework

7th grade – Ch.4 Test TOMORROW
6th grade – Ch.3 Test on Friday