Monday, 9/25/17

6th grade: 1) Tell family TEST this Thursday – allowed to stay after school to finish. 2) p.48 Q1-18 ALL then Q23-25 ALL (25min)
7th grade: 1) Finish Test Corrections. 2) p.26 Q9-53 odd
Zero: HailStorm Problem
8th grade: Finish Solving Equations Worksheet

6th grade: THURS 9/28  Ch.1 Test
8th grade: MON 10/2 Ch.1 Test

Wednesday, 9.13.17

6th grade: Math about me Poster  Due: Friday
7th grade: Adding Integers Worksheet
Zero Period: Subtracting Integers Worksheet
8th grade: p.14 Q1-21 odd

NOTE:  Check your answers in the back of the textbook (when using it)