Friday, 1/20/17

6th grade: Fraction Fortune Teller  Due: TUESDAY
7th grade: Ch.6 Practice Test
Zero period: Ch.9 Practice Test
8th grade: No homework BUT Word Problem Test on TUESDAY

Thursday, 1/19/17

6th grade: 1) Test Corrections and Signature  2) Correct 8 Fraction problems (2 adding, 2 subtracting, 2 multiplying, 2 dividing – 2 of the 8 have to be word problems)
7th grade: no homework
Zero period: no homework
8th grade: study for tomorrow’s test

Wednesday, 1/18/17

6th grade: No homework due to MAP Testing
7th grade: 30 min on Practice 6.7 Worksheet
Zero period: p.386 Q1-23 odd
8th grade: Finish Practice Test